Tuesday, 10 June 2014

High Noon Maze

DRAW! The High Noon Maze

maze of a duel draw
Maze of cowboy gunslinger DRAW! | Find the MAZE SOLUTION here

maze black and white

Maze of a gunslinging in the ready to DRAW! position. This maze artwork is part of the FREE MAZES project, which means you can download and upload and do whatever you wish with this maze and require no further permission. You can use it for personal, public, broadcasting, editorial, publishing, economic, communist, non-profit, private and any other use you can possibly think of. This includes the color version and the black and white version of this maze.

We don't want you seeing the maze's solution just yet, so we will distract you with info about the artist, some info about online casinos, and a whole bunch of stupid things like cat memes and pun e-cards.

cat roll meme
darkside cat meme
Whether people are already into op art or not, they will soon love this form of visual illusion. When they start to enjoy optical art by artists like Yanito Freminoshi, they will see just how much it challenges the mind and forces people to think about things in new ways. It allows the brain to really work hard and for the user to enjoy trying to solve the maze. If they can’t figure out the maze on their own, they shouldn’t worry because there is always a maze solution to be found. And then they can share the work of Yanito Freminoshi as well, but they should make sure to include a link to the maze solution so that other people will have the answers and they should also attribute the work to Yanito Freminoshi, of course. And then it’s time to sit back and enjoy the amazing work of visual illusion offered by professionals of this sort. For example: It’s three in the morning and some people just can’t sleep at this hour. What should they do with themselves when they can’t sleep? They can watch tv or listen to music. Or they can do something much more exciting like enjoy optical art. Today’s optical art by people like Yanito Freminoshi is really making an incredible impression on the art world and on the computer graphics world. The visual illusion work challenges the brain and forces people to really use their minds and to think about things differently. They can have a blast, even at 3 in the morning, as they work through a maze and try to figure it out. There is a maze solution if they can’t figure it out themselves, but they should certainly try to solve it on their own first. Then, if they want to share it with others, they can challenge other people too. They just need to make sure to share the link to the maze solution and also attribute the work to Yanito Freminoshi.

Lets not forget how cats affect casinos online

ecard funny
Which version of this eCard is better?
horse u rode in on ecard
We can't decide so we posted both.
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Draw! Maze Solution

solved maze cowboy

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