Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Op Art Font Maze of Taurus and Hilarious Cat Memes

Maze of Op Art Font of the word Taurus.

Taurus Maze in Op Art Font | Yanito Freminoshi
Maze Op Art Font of the word TAURUS - from the zodiac signs | Yanito Freminoshi | Click MAZE to view SOLUTION
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Now, a few cat memes to distract you from accidentally seeing the maze solution

Cat with Lady Bug On his NOSE - Cat MEME

cat meme of lady bug on nose
The Lady Bug on Cat's Nose | That's good luck, right?

The lesser known rapper extraordinaire - Snoop Cat

snoop cat
Snoop Cat - Funny Cat MEME

Cat with Fangs Out - SOOKIE, I AM NOT HUMIN :) - Cat MEME

funny cat meme vampire
SOOKIE! I am NOT Humin, I am CAT - Funny Cat MEME - Reference to True Blood

The Invisible Cat Meme - Invisible Drums. And some other ways to PLAY with your cat:

cat meme of invisible drums
Invisible Drums - Funny Cat MEME
Imagine this scene. It’s a rainy day and you are curled up in bed with your cozy cat and enjoying awesome online blackjack games. You haven’t had to get out of bed yet today and you are loving the opportunity to enjoy these awesome games right from the comfort of your own bed and your own house. Now, there are many ways to play these blackjack games and you’ve tried them all. Today you are using the information from your zodiac and from astrology. What this means is that when you get up in the morning, you check your astrology chart based on your sign and you see if the luck is on your side today. If it shows that the luck is with you, then you decide to play for a little longer today and you also put up more chips. But, if you see that it’s not going to be your lucky day, then you play for less time (but still enjoy time with your cat!) and you play for less money. No matter what the zodiac says, you have a great time playing these online blackjack games and hanging out with your cute cat. It’s going to be a great day all around.

Cat with a shady offer - Funny Cat MEME - Like gambling with cat's future :)

catnip dealer cat meme
You’ve never been someone who wants to go out and about every night and be on the town with your friends. You didn’t buy a cat just so that you can abandon it all the time and go out on it. Rather, your favorite thing to do is to sit on the couch with your cat purring on your lap and to enjoy awesome blackjack online games. This is a great way to enjoy your two favorite things. And, you’re really into the zodiac and you add a layer of fun with this as well. How? Well before you start to play online blackjack games, you look up your sign and see what the zodiac has to say about it that day. If it says your luck is going to be good, then you might play for real money and you might play for a bit longer. If it says that this isn’t your lucky day, then you’ll use that information and decide not to play for too long and not to spend more than you would be willing to lose. And all of this means that you can enjoy three things you love each day – the astrology chart, the cat and the blackjack online games. How perfect!

online blackjack wild jack casino
Turn Online Blackjack on its side! - Wild Jack Casino

Cat in a Jar - OH the irony! - Funny Cat MEME

jar cat meme

And now, your MAZE SOLUTION to the Op Art Taurus Maze 

Maze solution Taurus Op Art Font